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Brain training game «Schneller»

Have there ever been so-called "extreme situations" in your life? Some people in such cases suddenly open any "superpowers". For example, when running away from a dog, they develop incredible speed, or jump over a high fence, or climb a tree very quickly, and then they themselves do not understand how they did it. And other people in similar situations, when the speed of reaction is important, “fall into a stupor”, and only after some time they can somehow react, but ... it’s too late.

A vivid example of the importance of speed of reaction can be driving a car. If you are the driver and the brake lights of the car in front come on, you need to depress the brake pedal quickly. If you hesitate and do not react with the necessary speed, you will get into an accident for which you are to blame. That is, in this case, your life, health, and financial costs directly depend on the speed of your reaction.

Reaction speed is the ability to perform simple tasks under time constraints. This ability is necessary as a reaction to a certain stimulus. In the example described above, such an irritant is the brake lights of a car moving ahead. Before you press the brake pedal, a certain time will pass, which includes 2 components. The first is the so-called "latent reaction time" - the time it takes for information to travel along the optic and motor nerves. On average, for humans, it is 0.1-0.3 seconds. This is a physiological feature of a person and, unfortunately, it cannot be changed in any way.

But there is also a second component. In order to properly respond to a conditioned stimulus, the brain needs to process the information received and make the right decision. And this is a mental process that can be trained. Online games that develop reaction can help you with this.

You can train your reaction speed on the B-trainika using the "Schneller" game. The irritant in this situation are plates of different colors, which must be hit from a gun. The difficulty lies in the fact that, firstly, it is important not to hesitate, and secondly, you need to shoot only at these plates, without reacting to the rest of the objects that appear in front of you. And, of course, the number of cartridges you have is limited.

Play "Schneller" regularly, and you will learn to suppress the first, reflex, wrong reaction and be more quickly guided by thinking when you need to make decisions quickly.

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