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Our experts have created this training program for the purpose of comprehensive training of the main cognitive functions of the brain. It includes the training of memory, attention, thinking and perception. This program will help you keep your brain in good intellectual shape.

How it works

The development of the brain can be compared with pumping up your body muscles. Both need regular exercising to keep in good shape. Gradual mental workloads with increasing difficulty levels are the great way to improve brain functions. They contribute to the effective training of both its hemispheres, and therefore to the achievement of a harmonious, balanced improvement.

Why it works

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to restore, reorganize, create new neural connections under the influence of incoming information. When you solve a problem which is at the limit of your ability, your brain automatically rewires itself to do it more efficiently. Thus, specially selected exercises for brain training can improve its basic cognitive functions (memory, attention, thinking and perception), which are used in solving any problems.

How to train

Online brain training games

5 exercises daily


minutes per day

B-trainika will select 5 exercises for you daily, focused on the comprehensive improvement of the basic cognitive functions of the brain. The total training time is 15-20 minutes a day.

Training takes place in a playful way, and therefore is exciting and interesting. Brain training with online games is a modern and affordable way to expand your capabilities. By constantly evaluating the state of your cognitive functions, B-trainika will save and display the results using visual diagrams and graphs.

What will be the result

Your abilities are improving
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Thinking
  • Perception

Statistics show that already after 2 weeks of workouts, brain training provides an increase in the main indicators of cognitive functions by an average of 20%. Many users note a perceptible improvement in memory and the ability to concentrate, which makes it easier and more efficient to solve current tasks. Online brain training exercises are convenient, exciting and effective, while diagrams and graphs clearly demonstrate the dynamics of the development of abilities, inspiring and opening up new horizons for you.

Regular exercising with our games will help you to maintain a good mental shape and become more successful.