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Brain training games

Brain training games

Train your brain to improve Memory, Attention, Thinking and personal productivity with our exciting online cognitive games.


Why do you need that?

Our brain training games will help young people achieve great success in work and study. For adults, that is a great way to counter the deterioration of memory and mental performance with aging. With brain training you will be able to:

  • Intensify brain activity
  • Increase learnability
  • Increase thinking speed
  • Keep mental clarity
  • Boost personal productivity
  • Become more creative

How does it work?

Brain training games
5 exercises daily 15 min/day

B-trainika will create a training plan, consisting of 5 games for you every day. The training time is about 15 minutes. With help of indicators and graphs, you will observe how your abilities grow over time.
To increase your motivation, you will be able to participate in competitions with other users.

Why does it works?

Our games are designed in such a way as to maximize the use of certain mental functions. In the process of training, new connections are formed between neurons (synaptic connections). This is due to neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to restore, reorganize, create new neural connections under the influence of incoming information.

What will be the result?

According to our statistics, after two weeks of regular training, there is an increase in the main indicators of cognitive functions by an average of 20%. Many users report a significant improvement in memory and the ability to concentrate quickly, which makes it easier and more efficient to solve current tasks.

After 2 weeks
  • +60%

    Speed of reaction to changing circumstances

    Thinking Speed

  • +55%

    Mental Calculation Skill

    Mental Count

  • +75%

    Increased fact memorization skill

    Work Memory

  • Vyacheslav

    56 years old, manager

    I'm working as a department head. From time to time I have to solve difficult problems, defending my opinion in an argument with other leaders. Previously, when such a need arose, I carefully prepared, thinking through my arguments, trying to calculate the options. After training on b-trainika games, I noticed that my thinking speed has increased significantly, and this helps me quickly retrieve the necessary information from memory and find strong and logical arguments in verbal confrontation.

  • Helen

    55 years old, office worker

    While exercising on b-trainika games, the mind becomes more tenacious, it turns out to be “mobilized” instantly. And before, it was easier for me to give up the fight. As for me, that's such a new experience. By the way, recently, when making a purchase, I told the seller how much change he should give me. I've heard surprised: “And you think well!”. For me, this is incredible praise. It is all the more pleasant now to count the change, but not so long ago I would not have believed that this was possible. One less problem!

  • Nick

    22 years old, businessman

    At first time I didn't see any changes. Once I was in a bank. The operator asked me to dictate the SMS that came to my phone. I want to make a note that my phone is buggy. It can open itself some applications, deletes SMS, etc. Realizing that there is little time, I unexpectedly look at the SMS and immediately highlight and memorize the 4-digit code. And so 3 times in a row! Inside, there is a clear feeling that this was done thanks a lot to the b-trainika games. After all, I usually double-check everything for 10 times and often make mistakes working with numbers.

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You won't find any analogues!

B-trainika changes the conventional wisdom about brain training, turning it from a monotonous tedious process into an fascinating game!
We came up with various competitions using our games: "Tournaments", "Pirate Raid", "Favorite" and "Gambling Club", added magic, game currency, titles and other elements for in order to get a real developing role-playing game in which you leveling not a computer character, but yourself.

How much is it?

You can train on B-trainika for free. In this case, you will have access to at least 7 brain training games and 5 exercises daily, and in many cases it is enough.

The purchase of a subscription removes all restrictions. We strive to make our games accessible to everyone, so the cost of a subscription is quite affordable.


  • 7+ games*
  • 5+ exercises daily*
  • One tournament at a time
  • Role Play Game
* Additional games and exercises can be purchased with in-game currency generated through the role-playing game

from 1.15 uah / day*

  • 25 games
  • The number of exercises is unlimited
  • The number of tournaments is unlimited
  • Full ability stats, stats history, comparison with other users
  • Role Play Game
* When purchasing a 1 year subscription, 30% discount for all new users. View prices

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