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Brain training game «Argus»

Undoubtedly, vision plays a very important role in the life of every person. It makes our life brighter, richer, more active. But do we know how to use this gift, are we able to develop our capabilities?

As you know, we have central and peripheral vision, which complement each other. Central vision is responsible for the accuracy of seeing the object (its details, shape, color), and peripheral vision is responsible for orientation in space and in the dark. For example, when reading this article or any other book, you look at one word, but see several more letters or words around it. Focusing your eyes on one object, you see what is happening around it. A little blurry, fuzzy, but you see it. This is what peripheral vision is.

It may seem that it is not as important as the central one, but it is not. To make sure, make long tubes of small diameter from sheets of paper and put them on your eyes. Now try to walk around the apartment. At the very least, your movement speed will be reduced. You will be lucky if you manage not to hit the door jamb or trip over any object lying under your feet.

An interesting fact is that women have better peripheral vision than men. This is confirmed statistically. Insurance companies note that men are much more likely to get into accidents associated with side impacts at intersections. There are professions whose representatives simply need well-developed peripheral vision. These are primarily drivers and pilots, as well as athletes. For example, hockey players, football players, handball players have almost perfect peripheral vision.

But it is equally important to develop it for people who want to master speed reading. In courses of developing this skill, the lion's share of the time is devoted to the development of peripheral vision.

You can train your peripheral vision on B-trainika with the help of the "Argus" online game. Its essence lies in the fact that you need to see and indicate on which side there was a number that is larger in value - on the left or on the right. At first, the numbers will be quite close, but as you reach subsequent levels, as the game becomes more difficult, they will be spaced further and further from the center, and their display time will be reduced. At the last levels, you will have to catch the meanings of numbers only "out of the corner of your eye." And, of course, the more you train, the better results you will achieve.

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