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Our experts have created this training program specially for Memory training. It contains exercises for improving visual short-term, long-term, auditory memory and concentration. It develops memory capacity, speed and accuracy.

How it works

Psychologists have established that memory improvement is achieved by performing certain exercises. So, for example, research by Susanne M. Jaeggi (USA) in 2008 showed that due to regular training in performing the n-back task, you can noticeably develop the ability to think logically, perceive new things, remember them, and solve unusual tasks and problems in a short time, as well as improve working memory and the ability to concentrate.

Why it works

With the regular performance of the same mental operations, the corresponding neural pathways develop. The number of cells involved in the process of thinking increases, as a result, the brain begins to perform the task more efficiently. This phenomenon has been called "neuroplasticity". It has been proven that due to the continuous performance of the same mental operations, it is possible to restore and build new neural connections. By performing certain exercises to train your memory, you can significantly improve its performance.

How to train

Online brain training games

5 exercises daily


minutes per day

B-trainika will select for you a set of games, each of them develops one or another of memory characteristics. Every day you will be offered 5 tasks to complete, which will take 15-20 minutes of your time.

All B-trainika games not only improve various cognitive functions of the brain, but are also fascinating themselves. Playing them, you get the opportunity to develop yourself, spending time with great benefit, that is, combining the pleasant with the useful.

What will be the result

Your abilities are improving
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Thinking
  • Perception

B-trainika will constantly evaluate the state of your memory. With the help of visual graphs, you will see how memory improves day by day.

Regular exercises for the development of memory, taking not so much time, and will give tangible results in 20 days. Exercising on B-trainika simulators will significantly improve your working memory and intelligence. Very soon you will find that you have become more effective in solving the current problems that inevitably arise in our lives. After two weeks of classes, you can easily memorize 20 arbitrary words from one reading.