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Brain training program with cognitive online games

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Our experts have created this training program specially for development of attention. It consists of exercises that develop stability, switching, selectivity of attention. The development of attention is extremely important for the processes of memorization and thinking.

How it works

Attention is a special state of mind that allows us to perceive both the external world and internal experiences.

The development of attention involves mastering the ability to concentrate without being distracted by interference; if necessary, to switch quickly from one thing to another; hold attention for a long time, despite the monotony of the actions performed; cover several objects or activities at once.

Specially designed brain training games with gradually increasing workload will help you with it. B-trainika develops the main properties of attention: selectivity, switch ability, stability and volume.

Exercises to develop attention will teach you to control it, help you become independent of stress and fatigue, mood swings and monotonous affairs.

Why it works

Due to such a property of the brain as neuroplasticity, the human brain is capable for miracles: for example, repair broken neural connections and lay new ones. It changes with every action we take, transforming our schemas to meet the challenge.

Our brain loves the workload, it was created with the expectation of learning and obtaining new knowledge, and plasticity is inherent in it by nature. When we do something with interest, it just “comes to life”. If you add motivation, a positive attitude and a little free time to this, then the result will not be slow to become obvious.

How to train

Online brain training games

5 exercises daily


minutes per day

B-trainika daily will offer you to complete 5 online exercises for attention, each of them hone one of its main properties. All B-trainika exercises are exciting games with a gradually increasing level of complexity. Your achievements and successes will be reflected in visual diagrams and graphs. Classes will take you only 15-20 minutes a day

What will be the result

Your abilities are improving
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Thinking
  • Perception

By improving attention, we thereby take care of the complex mechanism that stores important information in main and short-term memory and supplies it to the long-term memory bank. Well-developed attention is a necessary condition for the effective assimilation of new knowledge and skills, overcoming new frontiers. In addition, it has a positive effect on the quality of relationships with people, making us interesting, learnable, skillful and successful.

According to the statistics, after 2 weeks of continuous training with our games the ability to concentrate noticeably improves, making tangible positive changes in various areas of life.