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Brain training game «Sound-book»

Do you remember the information you hear the first time? Is it easy for you to remember the list of products that your wife or mother asked you to buy, or do you have to call back and clarify? Are you often told: “It flew in one ear and flew out the other”? All these questions are answered by auditory memory - a kind of figurative memory, which is associated with the memorization, preservation and reproduction of information perceived by ear.

80% of people have better developed visual memory than auditory. Nevertheless, often, when meeting a person whom we have not seen for a long time, we recognize him by his voice. There were cases when even after many years people recognized each other's voices on the phone...

Auditory memory plays a key role for musicians, composers, as well as for teachers, lecturers, scientists, and lawyers. However, in the lives of all other people, auditory memory plays a significant role, because it is responsible for the ability to understand and remember oral speech.

If you cannot say with certainty that you have a good auditory memory, then you have a great opportunity to develop this ability. There are many exercises for developing auditory memory. B-trainika offers you to train with the help of the online game "Sound-book". You need to memorize the sound, then listen to the next one, compare them and indicate whether they match or not. With the achievement of subsequent levels, it is necessary to memorize and compare two or three sounds. At higher levels, sounds made one or more steps back. This game will greatly help you develop your auditory memory.

With B-trainika, you can systematically develop accuracy, speed, and memory capacity. If you want to achieve significant results in memory training, but find it difficult to choose game simulators, we suggest paying attention to our special memory training program.