Brain training games:

Brain training game «Space Battle»

Do you often do math in your head? Most likely not, because there is always a calculator in hand. Well, at least on the smartphone. So, there is no need to make efforts and strain your brain for oral counting. Since the brain is always looking for the best paths, it prefers passivity and a calculator! But without training, mental abilities are reduced, this approach has the most deplorable effect on thinking, memory and productivity.

It's not just about mental arithmetic. Gradually, memory begins to fail, it becomes more difficult to make decisions quickly and act, attention is scattered. Scientists have proven that mental counting activates the mental activity of a person. Such a "mind exercise" improves memory, speech and attention, develops speed of reaction. Calculations in the mind help to think clearly and quickly, and also contribute to the development of the ability to find the most rational ways to solve a problem or achieve a goal.

That's why we have created a mental arithmetic game called "Space Battle". You need to perform addition and subtraction as quickly as possible before the alien invaders surround you from all sides. You will be limited in time, and only the right decisions will guarantee the victory.

So, imagine that you are a space patrol rookie... If you want to develop memory systematically and comprehensively, then we recommend using our special memory training program, in which we have already selected necessary trainers.