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Brain training game «Pyramidsbuilder»

A modern person simply needs to memorize large amounts of information every day, starting with the shopping list and ending with new words of the foreign language being studied, not to mention phone numbers, names of new acquaintances and to-do lists.

Studying a foreign language at school, we basically had to “memorize” new words or even texts. What did it lead to? Handing over the topic learned this way, we immediately erased it from our memory. The same fate befell historical dates, complex terms and much more, that is, the memorization method used turned out to be completely ineffective.

It is surprising that it is still used in our schools, but since the ancient Greeks, a more effective memorization method has been known, based on the ability of memory to quickly memorize the connection between images created in the imagination. The same method was described by Giordano Bruno in his book "On the Shadows of Ideas" in 1584.

All modern courses of learning foreign languages and speed reading are based on this method - mnemonics. Mnemonics is the art of memorization, mnemonics is a system of special techniques and exercises that facilitate the memorization of large amounts of information by creating associations.

For example, you need to buy 7 items in the store: bread, milk, butter, cheese, sweets, washing powder and shaving foam. Try to make up your own story using these words. For example, a completely plausible story about how you ate a sandwich of bread, butter and cheese, washed it down with milk and ate sweets, accidentally sneezed and spilled milk. Then we went to the bathroom to wash our shirt, but mistakenly took shaving foam instead of washing powder... And you can imagine how these products started a war in the store. The brighter you come up with images and connect them with associations, the easier it will be to remember even a very long list of words that are completely unrelated in meaning.

As you have probably already noticed, this way of remembering also develops the imagination, which is important for people of creative specialties.

B-trainika offers you to improve your memory capacity and imagination with the help of the online game "Pyramidsbuilder", which was developed on the basis of the above-described technique - mnemonics. Your task is to build a pyramid. To achieve this goal, you need to remember each of the words that appear on the screen, and after the end of the demonstration of the last one, indicate the order in which they appeared. To do it, you will have to connect them with the help of imagination and associations into an incredible, but vivid story.

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