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Brain training game «Spinning Puzzle»

Do you like to do puzzles? Now they are mainly used as entertainment for children, but most adults do not mind collecting their favorite picture in their free time. Of course, everyone knows that puzzles have certain benefits. But why is it good for adults to spend time this way? Let's figure it out.

The fact is that puzzles not only train memory, attention and imagination, as many articles say. This exciting game helps develop spatial thinking, as well as analyze and synthesize information.

Every day we encounter a flood of sights, sounds, aromas and tastes. In order to isolate some thought or idea from it, we just use analysis and synthesis. By analyzing information, we divide large ideas into smaller tasks. Thanks to synthesis, we are able to combine incoming information according to a certain principle, sort our thoughts into categories, and also combine parts into a single unit.

The detectives known to us - Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot - had incredible abilities to analyze and synthesize the facts obtained, which led them to successfully solve crimes.

It is these abilities that you develop by playing puzzles. By the way, it is interesting that for the first time puzzles were invented in the 60s of the 18th century by an ordinary dealer in geographical maps. He glued the map to a thin wooden panel and cut it into small pieces. Wanting to increase their children's interest in geography, parents willingly bought such cards for their children, despite the high cost: at that time it exceeded the average wage of a worker per month.

You can find jigsaw puzzles among our educational online games on B-trainika. To assemble a picture, you need to rotate its fragments until you can put them correctly. Don't forget that your time is limited.

We have one absolute advantage over physical puzzles: You won't lose a single piece.

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