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Brain training game «Nutshells»

How long do you manage to keep your attention on one object or on a certain action? Of course, there can be many factors here: how interesting is the object? Is it mobile or not? Are there other distractions (actions, thoughts)? Are you currently active or passive? On a immobile, unchanging object, we maintain passive attention for up to 5 seconds, then we are distracted.

But very often, when performing a task, we need to be concentrated for much longer than 5 seconds. Karl Marx wrote: “In addition to the tension of those organs by which labor is performed, an expedient will is needed throughout the entire time of labor, expressed in attention ...”

That is, whatever we do, if we want to do it well, we should be careful. The time during which we are able to concentrate on a particular object or topic, determines the stability of our attention. This property can and should be developed.

B-trainika offers you an online game for the development of attention stability - "Nutshells". This game is well known. With its help, it happens that not very honest people earn money, and gamblers lose them. It is well known to fans of O'Henry's works: “'Step up lively, gentlemen,' say I, 'and watch the little ball. It costs you nothing to look. There you see it, and there you don't. Guess where the little joker is. The quickness of the hand deceives the eye.” (O. Henry. Modern Rural Sports)

So, the essence of this game is that you need to keep your attention on the shell, under which the ball is located. The number of balls and shuffles increases as the difficulty level increases.

On B-trainika you can also develop the following properties of attention: volume, switchability, selectivity, as well as other important functions of your brain. Shall we start?

In addition, you can use the specially designed attention training program, in which we have previously selected the most suitable simulators.