Brain training games:

Brain training game «Ninja Way» (Memory Matrix)

This online game is better known as «Memory Matrix». It is aimed at developing the accuracy of memory, spatial thinking and visual memory. Practicing these abilities will allow you to memorize new routes easily and navigate unfamiliar terrain. You will also find it easier to work with charts, formulas and diagrams. By developing memory accuracy with the "Ninja Way" game, you will not only be able to memorize more information, but also reproduce it with ease.

The idea for the game comes from Corsi's visuo-spatial test. In 1970, the first test was carried out on wooden cubes, which were arranged in a matrix. The experimenter pointed to the blocks in a certain sequence, which the subject had to repeat exactly. Of course, the Corsi problem has gone through many modifications until it acquired an electronic counterpart, but its essence remains the same.

B-trainika offers you to develop memory accuracy with the help of the online game «Ninja Way», an analogue of which is the game "Memory Matrix". Its essence lies in the fact that in the playing field, divided into a certain number of squares, separate cells open for a short time. You need to remember them and specify them in any order. The higher the level, the more squares and the more difficult the drawing.

We named our game "Ninja Way" because there is an interesting legend about how future ninjas were trained. Several objects were laid out on a stone and covered with a fabric. Then the fabric was removed for a short time, making it possible to remember what they saw. The task of the student was to list all the items without missing anything. After several years of such training, the ninja were able to reproduce a page of text verbatim after reading it once.

We sincerely wish you the same results!

If you want to develop memory in a complex way, we suggest you to use our special memory development program. With its help, you can systematically train the volume, accuracy and speed of memory, as well as auditory memory.