Brain training games:

Brain training game "Fireflies"

In the modern world, the greatest value is time. Therefore, for its rational use, we often have to do several things at the same time. So, for example, a good housewife cooks two or three dishes at once on the stove, and at the same time the cake is blushing in the oven, laundry is washed in the typewriter, and the children at the table draw or do their homework. And you need to make sure that nothing burns, that the homework is done correctly, that the children do not burn themselves on the oven, and clean linen is taken out and hung up in time... Or, for example, the driver sometimes has to drive a car through an unfamiliar area, at the same time check with the navigator and keep under control the constantly changing situation on the road.

Each individual case in the situations described, requires full attention. The characteristic of attention, showing how many objects can be perceived or how many actions can be performed by a person at the same time, is called the Volume of Attention. If you are often faced with the need to perform several tasks at the same time, then you should develop it.

We suggest trying to train this cognitive function with the help of the "Fireflies" online game. A certain number of luminous mobile fireflies will appear on the screen in front of you. The player's task is to keep attention on them for a specified time, even after other, exactly the same, moving lights appear on the screen. After the fireflies freeze, you need to point those of them that appeared first. At first it's easy enough, but when you reach a certain level, and there are more fireflies, the fun begins...

The "Fireflies" game will help you to develop your attention span, making it much easier for you to multi-task.

When choosing games for the development of attention, you can use the ready-made program, specially developed by B-trainika for this purpose.