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Brain training game "Big Fish"

The speed of thinking very often determines success in a particular business. Have you ever found the optimal way out of a situation late, that is, when it has already lost its relevance? Or, scrolling in your head a conversation that ended not in your favor, belatedly citing a lot of arguments that would clearly give you an advantage if you expressed them on time?

If you answered "yes", then the speed of your thinking is "limping", because the speed of thinking is the ability to find the right solutions in the face of time pressure. But the good news is that this brain function can be developed. If you want to make the right decisions in different situations quickly, to be resourceful at the right time - train your speed of thinking. There are many techniques and exercises to develop this ability.

B-trainika offers you to train the speed of thinking with the help of the online game "Big Fish". From the provided set of letters you will need to make a word. Depending on the level reached, the length of the words will increase. And do not forget that you are limited in time. The higher level you reach, the better catch awaits you.

This game for the development of the speed of thinking was created by the B-trainika team based on the once quite popular board game "Anagrams". Not so long ago, it was a favorite way of entertainment in the company of friends. And if you look deeper into history, then it was loved even in Ancient Greece and India.

The game "Anagram" not only promotes the development of speed of thinking, but also trains attention, concentration and even memory. In addition, solving anagrams improves combinatorial thinking, which is important for any human activity. They are also used in many IQ tests, in particular, in the Eysenck verbal test. The solution of such problems (anagrams) has a positive effect on the development of the so-called verbal intelligence, which implies the general erudition, literacy and ingenuity of a person.

On our website you can also use a special thinking development program and train imagination, analysis and synthesis, actions in the mind and much more.

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