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Brain training program with cognitive online games

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Our experts have created this training program with a focus on intelligence improvement. It contains exercises for the development of intelligence, helps to improve your IQ level. The program includes training of various types of memory, speed of thinking, attention and other important cognitive functions necessary for intellectual activity.

How it works

Intelligence means a person's ability to explore the world, adapt to environmental conditions, think and act rationally, and solve emerging problems.

As the practice shows, constant mental workload develops the brain, trains the intellect, contributes to the rapid assimilation of the material and, as a result, the successful solution of current problems. Having made such loads habitual, we can more easily cope with them. One of the ways to develop the intellect is to exercise with B-trainika games.

Why it works

It has already been proven that due to the property of neuroplasticity, the human brain is able to make new neural connections. Constantly doing exercises for the development of intelligence helps to keep the basic functions of the brain in good shape, their action is similar to exercising on exercise machine. What works - develops!

How to train

Online brain training games

5 exercises daily


minutes per day

The development of intelligence online is a convenient, modern and exciting way of self-improvement. Every day B-trainika will offer you 5 exercises, the purpose of which is the development of basic cognitive functions (attention, thinking, memory and perception) and productivity training. All the B-trainika exercises are exciting games with a gradually increasing level of difficulty. The total time of classes on them does not exceed 20 minutes a day.

What will be the result

Your abilities are improving
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Thinking
  • Perception

Regular exercises for intelligence with developing games in 20 days will bring tangible results. If the fire is not maintained, it will fade away; what is not trained - it weakens, loses strength. Fulfil your potential, try to develop in yourself those abilities that you need, and B-trainika will help you with it. In addition, it has been proven: constant mental workload allows you to maintain clarity of mind until old age. Intelligence training is useful at any age. Improving intelligence with B-trainika is real, convenient and exciting!