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Brain training game «Phrasescope»

How much textual information do we have to process during the day? And how much time do we spend on it? After all, time is the most valuable, non-renewable resource. Scientists have calculated that a middle-level manager needs to process from 150 to 200 pages of various kinds of documentation per day. How quickly he will cope with this task depends only on the speed of his reading.

It has been proven that if a student in grades 7-8 reads at a speed of up to 80 words per minute, then he is doomed to failure, because it will take him 4-6 hours a day to prepare one oral lesson. Even 50-60 years ago, it was believed that 150-200 words per minute is the normal reading speed for an adult. But most of the great people who considered reading a life necessity read amazingly fast, at speeds of over 1,000 words per minute. Among them are Pushkin, Gorky, Lev Tolstoy, John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Napoleon, Rousseau, Chernyshevsky, Lunacharsky, Lenin, Einstein, Balzac, Romain Rolland and many others. And Maxim Gorky developed a reading speed of up to 4000 words per minute.

It's no secret that we live in the age of the information revolution, when, thanks to the worldwide Internet, any information in different languages of the world has become available to us. And very often our success depends on how quickly and efficiently we can master it: acquire new skills necessary for our activities, gain new knowledge, get acquainted with scientific discoveries ...

Therefore, now, more than ever, speed reading has become relevant. There are many free reading speed exercises on the Internet, but you will have to spend a lot of time on them. It is quite difficult to independently control the success of the skill development process.

Speed reading courses are gaining popularity. Of course, if you attend such courses, the results of your development are evaluated by the teacher. But, as a rule, speed reading courses cost a lot. What to do?

B-trainika offers you to develop your reading speed through the "Phrasescope" online game. This game was developed by the B-trainika team on the principle of operation of the Phrasescope device of the same name, which was invented by B. Sergeev. The essence of the game is that a word is opened in a line for a short time. You need to have time to read, remember and write it. With the achievement of higher levels, the number of words increases.

You don't need to spend a lot of time on the B-trainika: one workout takes 15-20 minutes a day; no need to overpay for courses after which you are not even sure of a 100% result. Yes, and it is very convenient to monitor your progress in the statistics section.

Of course, to improve your reading speed, you need to develop concentration, peripheral vision, and memory speed. It is also recommended to train thinking in general. To do it, you can use our special Thinking Development Program.

We are sure that your efforts will not be wasted, and already after 2-3 weeks you will feel the result. But even if you don't see progress as quickly, don't stop training. After all, even Goethe said: “These kind people do not suspect what labors and time it takes to learn to read. I myself have spent 80 years on it and still have not quite reached the goal.